App Landing page HTML Template

App Landing page HTML Template

App Landing page HTML Template

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App Landing page HTML Template
App Landing is a single page, Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Template based on Bootstrap. It's easy to use and navigate as well. Compatible with Desktop, Laptop, tablet, mobile or any device. Lunatic is simple and clean design, will give your business / Marketing professional looks. With Smooth TRANSITION and Effect, it increases the beauty of your site. It's good for Any Marketing Company, Business, Agency, the blog even for a personal portfolio.

App Landing welcomes you with an awesome hover effect along with an image. This image looks so wonderful, which gives the best look on the website. Then, there is a neat and clean menu bar in the top-right of the page. By which you can jump to another section of the page, In the right-hand side there is a logo area, where you can put your own logo. This menu is a sticky menu, which will stick to the header if we move to the next section of the page, this remains stick to the top of the page.

The very next section is for about us, in which the section is divided into two parts where the first part is for the image, you can replace it with anyone and the second part of the section is for text. You can update the text at any time. Next section of the App Landing single page HTML Template is more important for the service based websites because with this you can display the brilliant features, we have provided you six blocks for displaying the features of that app with a short description along with unique icons.

Next section of the App Landing single page HTML Template which is provided is a an awesome effect, with an awesome screenshot of that application. In the next section, there are a pricing and packages services. and even your visitors can purchase that services from your online services. The next section in App Landing single page HTML Template is so beautifully designed that you can place a link for or play store or apple store. You can display this at the bottom of that page.

The next section of the App Landing single page HTML Template is most useful, in which at the background there is a map, on that map, we have provided you two blocks in which there is leave a comment block, which is a form in which your visitors and app users can give you a feedback or leave a comment for app.

This is the most useful section for a marketing purpose, by this, you will know the market growth and everything about your app. There is another block on that section is "get in touch", in which we have provided a block to display your contact information like your contact number, Email-ID, address, and opening hours of your premises or office. With a social media links.


You can use it for personal or commercial projects. You can't resell it partially or in this form.


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